Start with the little things
Dec 2020

A business day in the new normal, I received a request from a young manager who has just joined a new company and experienced difficulty in team management and fitting into his role.

In the coaching conversation, we started from the issues around him and what would he like to address. By this, he was able to extract his thoughts of issue and put them into words as a result a clear picture has been formed.

Having asked him different questions at each stage of our coaching conversation, he was able to see through the issues and broke the issues down into discrete areas. By doing so, he set small tasks to achieve the goals in a agreed timeline. His issues have yet to resolved completely, he regained his motivation and replaced his worries on failure with his energy for success.

I’m pleased to achieve the result in this coaching and looking forward to hearing from him.

Don’t afraid of speaking with our Step Up Coach and make a progress in this turbulence time!

Reference reading, MyOfficeCoach, courtesy of Marie G. McIntyre)


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