Spotlight, The Offer & Acceptance

Spotlight is our new series of articles to help you Step Up and get to where you belong in your pursuit of a new career.

Following on from our previous 3 part series on ‘The Interview’, we take a look at the next step….

The Offer

Once you have gone through the interview process and nervously waited…. An offer may appear!

Please take your time to truly consider the offer – are you happy with the package? Do you have any further questions about the role or company? Are you weighing up the offer with another internal or external opportunity? Have you communicated this clearly with your Recruiter? This is the perfect time to flag any issues at this stage.

Take into consideration – the job scope, the salary, the benefits, location, work environment, company culture, career progression and travel requirements.

Talk to your family – this decision may affect your personal situation so talk it through with them. If the offer is for an International move then this will have even more impact so take your time to digest the offer.

Also think about your References – make sure you select a few options/names to cover your bases. Make sure they are briefed on what role you are applying for and any details they may need to know. 

Spotlight - The Acceptance

Accepting the offer is a commitment. It is to be taken seriously.

It is a commitment between the successful candidate and the new employer but also one between the hiring agency and the client. Your commitment is a reflection of your character.

Again, always communicate clearly with your Recruiter, it is most beneficial for all parties. If you are worried about the role, the package, the conditions, or anything else please discuss this so that your Recruiter can help you, and can find answers and solutions.

From here, enjoy the new adventure that lies ahead. A new job is always an exciting time and one that should be celebrated. 


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