2023 sees in the Year of the Rabbit
Jan 2023

2023 sees in the Year of the Rabbit, which is predicted to be a year of hope.

What does the workplace look like this year? Step Up as the recruitment partner to our clients, we are prepared to take and go through the challenges with our client and candidates.

This Year of the Rabbit will continue to transform our workplace, in an article from WIRED, there are five characteristics:

1. It is about accessibility, not presence - Employees have face-to-face only to solve technical problems, other times, they are remote.

2. Every business is like a start-up – No clear governance, short timeline, and high expectation, we need to operate in an environment with guidelines and flexibility.

3. Culture, culture, culture – In a diverse and multicultural workplace, the employers’ role is to leverage all diverse talent.

4. Communication is direct - Messages are put across straight to recipients or broadcast to everyone through multi-platform.

5. Embedded social media – It is part of our personal and professional lives. Employers will need to learn how to set boundaries while opening the pathways.

Gen Y’ers are growing into leadership roles, and the workplace in 2023 will continue to evolve, are you ready to evolve along?

Wishing the network of Step Up longevity, peace, and prosperity in the Year of the Rabbit!


WIRED – What will your workplace look like in 2023?

WIRED article

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